Photo by Citron Smurf

We are two Southern sisters re-watching "The Hills" and chatting about it weekly for your entertainment. Susan is a 30-SOMETHING professional PHOTOGRAPHER. She hates most REALITY shows but loves The Hills. She started RE-watching the hills in 2016. She is a huge fan of podcasts (she subscribes to over 100 in itunes) so she went LOOKING for a Hills podcast to go along with her re-watch, To her horror she couldn't find one.  She texted her sister Jem this shocking news. Jem is a PROFESSIONAL in her thirties. She hasn't seen the Hills since it aired so she IMMEDIATELY said I will do a RE-watch too and we can make a PODCAST. And the rest is history. We are so excited to bring you our unique perspective.

How to watch The Hills

1. Seasons one-six are on

 2. Seasons one THROUGH six are AVAILABLE for PURCHASE on itunes and Amazon